Best Mascara Ever: Benefit BadGal

I know I normally preach that affordable drugstore products are just as great (or in some cases even better) than the more high-end products. While Benefits isn’t necessarily ‘high-end’ I still consider them as such, because of their heightened price tag. But one of their product actually justifies the price tag and I will happily go and repurchase it when the time comes, and that’s their BadGal Lash Mascara.

Benefit BadGal 05

Most people actually swear by their They’re Real mascara, which is brilliant and it was my go-to mascara above all others until I tried their BadGal mascara. I’ve had it now for a good month now (Lodz got it for me over a year ago, but I had been hearting other mascaras until recently, so never got around trying it!), so I thought I bring you a wee little review.

I’m quite blessed with full lashes – not the longest in the world, but fullness has never been my biggest issue. But this mascara doesn’t just make my lashes miles long, it makes them look incredibly thick.

But the mascara doesn’t clump or harden as it dries either. Sometimes when I feel my lashes (yeah, I know, I’m weird, but I do feel my lashes from time to time) I sometimes aren’t quite sure whether I’m even wearing mascara or whether it’s one of those days that I am stupid enough to forget to put mascara on! That’s how soft the BadGal mascara leaves my lashes.

Benefit BadGal before   after

And despite the fact that the mascara isn’t waterproof as such, even with hysterical crying (tested with crying from laughter and from sadness), BadGirl doesn’t make you look like the biggest-eyed panda ever! Of course if you’re lazy as me sometimes, you do look like a panda in the morning, but ah well.

Removing the mascara is easy too. While other mascaras, especially the waterproof kinds or those that dry very hard, cause me to lose lashes even with the most careful and gentle eye makeup removal technique, this one doesn’t.

My niece from Austria already asked me to send her one when I let her use it for her son’s christening.

Yeah BadGal’s price tag of £16.50 (at Boots) ain’t great. It really, really isn’t. But if I had to choose which mascara to shell out a lot of money for from all the various expensive mascaras I’ve tried, I’d choose this one every time!

What mascara do you swear by? Do you buy expensive mascara? If not, would you be willing to shell out more than £10 to get the most beautiful lashes?


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4 Comments on “Best Mascara Ever: Benefit BadGal

  1. Tracy Hodgson

    Hiya, Love your blog so much i am your new stalker! I love Rimmel Volume Mascara, it gives me the look i require and is also quite easy to remove which is great because some take industrial remover! I buy a mascara every six weeks or so and £10 is roughly the going cost so yeah i would pay a little more if it ticks all the boxes. Txx

  2. Emy

    I do buy expensive mascaras but I am thinking of saving now since we are moving out. I will try out this one since I kinda find it amazing and great to try out.


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