Best Spring Blushers

Best Spring Blushers (1) Best Spring Blushers (2) Best Spring Blushers (3)

I’ve been spring cleaning at home what with this beautiful weather and everything starting anew – not that there was much to sort out after all Lodz & I only just moved 2.5 months ago!

But I did realise that I have a very clear group of blushers for Spring/Summer and for Autumn/Winter which now of course have disappeared into the depths of my drawers. So I thought I show you my favourite Spring/Summer blushers!

In the order of swatches above:

  1. MeMeMe Blush Me Coral Powder Blush
  2. Laura Mercier Canyon Cream Blush *
  3. Kevin Aucoin Transoleil Cream Blush
  4. Sleek Mirrored Pink Powder Blush *
  5. Laura Mercier Blaze Cream Blush *
  6. MAC Peachykeen Sheertone Powder Blush
  7. MAC Warm Soul Mineralize Powder Blush
  8. Illamasqua Sob Cream Blush

At the moment I much prefer the cream blushers, especially the Kevin Aucoin and Laura Mercier ones.

Are there any blushers that you swear by for spring/summer?

I love to try new ones, so let me know!


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12 Comments on “Best Spring Blushers

  1. Maria Stephens

    Only just started trying out cream blushers, must say Illamasqua Sob looks gorgeous, think its definitely my next one to try out xx

  2. Emma Computergirl

    Laura Mericer Blaze looks amazing. I have always looked at the counter but never bought anything- though everyones raves about the body products and blushes! Mac Peachykeen is one of my go to blushes- plus a discontinued Daniel Sandler (boo ehy do they always discontinue the ones I love!) and a couple of benefit ones. Thanks for the post :) xx

    1. Miss drifted Snow White

      I found the benefit ones to be overhyped. I tried the Coralista and Dandelion ones but they weren’t worth the money, so I tried the MeMeMe one and it was so much better!

      you should really try the Laura Mercier blushers though :)

    1. Miss drifted Snow White

      You should definitely try the sheertone blushers from MAC, they’re gorgeous! but really, cream blushers are amazing, because they have that slightly glossy look, that works so great for radiant skin type look :)


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