35 Before 35

The other day I was trolling Sofia’s Journal and found a post “30 before 30″ where she lists 30 things she wants to have done before she turns 30.

Unfortunately, I only have 2.5 years left before I hit 30 and am gonna be at uni until I’m 28, so I thought it would be better for me to write down 35 things what I actually want to do before I am 35 (for me that’s personally the bigger number as that’s where women start to reproductively “expire”).

  1. Get at least a 2:2 degree in Management & Strategy (ideally 2:1)
  2. Move to Manchester
  3. Complete a makeup- and/or photography-related part-time course
  4. Get engaged
  5. Buy Lodz an engagement watch
  6. Get married at dusk near the beach outdoors with fairy lights and stars in Hawaii or Santorini
  7. Have a child
  8. Make the clothes for my baby myself
  9. Decorate the nursary myself
  10. Own a 2-3 bedroom house
  11. Buy a Fiat 500 or a 7seater
  12. Get my lips enhanced (fuller)
  13. Go on a rollercoaster
  14. Go to the theater and see plays again
  15. Sell unused makeup and donate the profits to my chosen charity (Rethink)
  16. Get a phone contract
  17. Revisit Paris
  18. Own a white sapphire
  19. Own a yellow diamond
  20. Go white-blond
  21. Do at least 10 girls’ prom and/or graduation ball makeup
  22. Do a course with Sam & Nic from Pixiwoos
  23. Setup a little photography & makeup studio
  24. Get a fat-transfer boob job
  25. Bring over my 2nd oldest niece (currently 10) to do her A-Levels in the UK
  26. Read Sophie’s World
  27. Visit Liverpool and go on a Beatles tour
  28. Meet Gary Barlow & Jason Orange from Take That
  29. Meet Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters
  30. Take some good pictures from concerts
  31. Work in Beauty and/or Fashion PR
  32. Own some stocks in Google
  33. Compete in a Salsa dancing competition
  34. Plan moving to Vancouver or Paris
  35. Go to the Tate museum in London

I will update this list from time to time and also add those who have been inspired by this