Hello darlings!

I’m Miss drifted Snow White aka Maria, running this UK fashion blog. Well it’s really also a beauty blog isn’t it? Beaushion? Fashuty? I like Beaushion haha. So yeah I’m a fashion blogger, style blogger, beauty blogger, lifestyle blogger. Name it whatever you want!

I’m am the most typical Aries you can find (assuming you believe in that kind of thing?):

loud. stubborn. active. impatient. UN-tameable.

I’m originally from Germany where I lived the first 20 years of my life until I moved to the UK on my own as I had decided when I was 10 that I was meant to study in the UK! LOL! No clue where I got that from. My moving day to the UK was my first day in the UK! Of course at naive 20 years old, I assumed the UK will be like Germany – just with a different language!

Boy, was I wrong! Hahaha.

I can safely say that I had a very different life as a child and teenager than most:

I grew up in the east of Germany, when Germany was still split from after the 2nd World War: I grew up in the communist/Russian area of Germany, which was completely different from the world as we know it now. And while I was 6 when the Berlin Wall came down, I do remember stuff from back then very vividly:

- I was forced to drink coffee before each gymnast session (Russians are very big on gymnastics) when I was little until I was 8 and so I hate coffee.
- But school was a lot better: 8 weeks of summer holidays and the teacher did a lot more than just teach! They actually cared about you as individual and did a lot of unpaid outside-school stuff!!

I didn’t have full-time school so from hitting puberty I had too much time to do stupid things like smoking and drinking and playing with boys. I met the Backstreet Boys, Nsync and loads of other celebrities of the late 90s when I was younger as I (and sometimes my mum) travelled around Germany to meet those celebrities. So I spent loads of time alone in Hamburg and Germany when I was under age. I had my first mobile phone when I was 12 because of that. Because I just didn’t really listen to my parents and didnt really come home when I was meant to.

When I wasn’t following around random celebrities, I spent my time glued to the computer. For those who know what IRC is know that I’m old school. I remember the days before Google existed. Fun times with Altavista! I remember when videos were of so crap quality that you couldn’t really tell whether it was a person or a tree. I remember the days when the fastest available in town was a 56k modem and I blocked the phone line 24/7. I had more friends all over the world with BSB pen pals and on IRC than in real life.

I taught myself English and Web design. And pretty much everything else I’m good at. I have this thing when I’m really passionate about something, I wanna get it right!

So I started running a Dawson’s Creek website, and then went on to run the biggest German Roswell fan site and later ran the biggest German Supernatural fansite, which I sort of made merge with other sites. I also had loads of other little fan sites, called ‘fan listings’ and had personal websites and stuff. So much stuff!

So I moved over to the UK in 2004 after finishing my Abitur in Germany and started working for numerous Au-Pair families looking after kids ranging from 2 to 14 in Cambridge, London and Oxford until 2006 before my degree at Aston Uni started in 2007. There I’m studying International Business & Management (or was until I changed just before my final year to Management & Strategy)

Toward the end of my 2nd year, I spent loads of time ‘on the road’ following Take That, who were touring their Circus tour. I made some wonderful friends then – but again, friends from all over the world! Oh yes, my dream came true and I met the lads! Well, I had conversations with Howard and Mark! After that I took a year out and that brought me to beauty blogging. But back then I had little money and lived 2+ hours away from any high-end stores and counters, so my blog died with like 80 followers.

When I got a job as part of my uni degree, I had some good cash flow and could afford taking up blogging again but I started all over again :)

After struggling financially, emotionally and mentally in final year, I’ve finally graduated with a high 2:1 in in Management & Strategy and decided to run my blog full-time to see how that can work as a career.

But my heart wasn’t in it anymore.

I’ve fallen in love with Manchester unexpectedly after hating on it ever since the day I found out that the boy got a job here after his graduation, which is a total relief.

And at the beginning of 2014 I moved back to Germany (temporarily?) to Berlin.